We are proud to be a part of Navistar, one of the world's leading manufacturers of commercial trucks, buses, defense vehicles and engines. Since 1831, our history has been interwoven with some of the biggest innovations in the industry. Wherever ingenuity drives global markets, you'll find Navistar taking the lead.

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Leveraging our commercial strength.

Navistar’s extensive commercial operations allow us to maintain a group of nearly 900 engineers who are constantly working to develop new commercial and military vehicles and improve the vehicles we’ve already delivered.

These dedicated professionals are devoted to advancing our knowledge and using that learning to create better products for our customers. For the military, that means getting to know the mission and every requirement, as well as understanding how the troops drive and what conditions the vehicles face in theater.

The brains behind the brawn.

Better thinking leads to better vehicles. Which is why Navistar Defense is so committed to the engineering process. As a company, we’ve spent more than 100 years learning, experimenting and adapting to produce ever better vehicles and engines.

Delivering results.

Even when our vehicles are deployed, our engineers aren’t done. We use sophisticated software and reporting techniques to gather crucial performance data that allows us to adapt quickly to real world conditions and deliver improvements whenever necessary. From the drawing board to the front lines, our best thinking gives the military the best chance to succeed.




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Fast Engineering

Navistar Defense is always ready to adapt to changing needs.

Our co-located testing and fabrication locations let us use rapid prototyping to design, build, and refine solutions when time is of the essence.

Commercial Engineering

Navistar has the brains and brawn to keep our trucks and our troops rolling.

With engineers, designers, and technicians worldwide, we use our experience and our ability to solve problems facing the war-fighter and bring them to life faster than the competition.

Success Story:

Engineers step up when the road gets rough.

Soldiers have come to rely on our MaxxPro® MRAP vehicles to complete their missions safely. So when troops in Afghanistan faced terrain that was too rough for even our nimble MaxxPro Dash to handle, Navistar Defense put together an elite team of engineers to find a solution.


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