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We are proud to be a part of Navistar, one of the world's leading manufacturers of commercial trucks, buses, defense vehicles and engines. Since 1831, our history has been interwoven with some of the biggest innovations in the industry. Wherever ingenuity drives global markets, you'll find Navistar taking the lead.

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Dramatically improving safety in one of the world's most dangerous theaters.

Engineers step up when the road gets rough.

Soldiers have come to rely on our MaxxPro® MRAP vehicles to complete their missions safely. So when troops in Afghanistan faced terrain that was too rough for even our nimble MaxxPro Dash to handle, Navistar Defense put together an elite team of engineers to find a solution.

What we needed was an entirely new suspension system. And we needed it fast, because the lives of our troops were in danger.

We started by performing an industry-wide survey of commercial suspension systems. After carefully considering supplier reliability, delivery capabilities, system performance and other factors, our engineering team identified a supplier with higher quality and lower cost than the Army’s preferred vendor.

Next came the task of redesigning and kitting the system to speed retrofitting in theater. Since the new independent suspension drastically increased the range of wheel movement, it required extensive adaptations of the vehicle armoring, steering and undercarriage, as well as a new central tire inflation system.

It was a big, complicated project, but with the assistance of specialized engineers from Navistar’s commercial operations and the company’s on-site design and prototyping shop, our team was able to start testing demos in just a few short months. Our strong relationship with the testing facilities then enabled us to continue refining designs and prepping production throughout the process.

The new DXM™ suspension performed so well, that the Army issued an order for 1,500 new vehicles even before the kits for the existing vehicles were delivered. In less than a year, Navistar Defense had engineered and implemented a solution that dramatically improved troop safety in one of the world’s most dangerous theaters - thanks to the unmatched commitment and engineering expertise of our employees.


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