We are proud to be a part of Navistar, one of the world's leading manufacturers of commercial trucks, buses, defense vehicles and engines. Since 1831, our history has been interwoven with some of the biggest innovations in the industry. Wherever ingenuity drives global markets, you'll find Navistar taking the lead.

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Work Zone to Combat Zone.

International Strength is the core of every vehicle we produce at Navistar Defense.

From our earliest days as International Harvester, we've been a company that innovates. The same can-do spirit that helped Cyrus McCormick revolutionize the farm industry was evident in our groundbreaking 2007 introduction of the International® MaxxPro® MRAP. The life-saving design and incredible speed to delivery has cemented Navistar Defense's reputation and set a new industry standard.

Our experience makes the difference.

Our rich commercial history has given Navistar Defense unmatched expertise in vehicle design, manufacture and support. We’ve been fielding and maintaining rugged, hard working fleets for more than a century, and we’re proud to put those skills to work on behalf of the modern warfighter.


International Strength Brings Commercial Innovation to the Battlefield

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Bringing commercial muscle to defense. 

Unlike other defense contractors, Navistar Defense can tap into the resources and expertise of one of the largest manufacturers of medium, heavy and severe service vehicles in the world. So our military customers benefit from our competitive edge in design capabilities, manufacturing speed and quality, and global support services.




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Our History

Navistar has deep roots in the trucking industry.

Founder of Navistar, Cyrus McCormick, built first the mechanical reaper in 1831 and later formed the International Harvester Company, which is presently known as Navistar.

The MaxxPro® Wrecker

The MaxxPro® MRAP Wrecker was the Army’s fastest procured joint urgent operational need (JUON) since WWII.

With the first vehicle rolling off the production line just 19 days after the contract award, the Wrecker helped save the lives of two soldiers who took an IED explosion in the field only two weeks after delivery.

Success Story:

Engineers step up when the road gets rough.

Soldiers have come to rely on our MaxxPro® MRAP vehicles to complete their missions safely. So when troops in Afghanistan faced terrain that was too rough for even our nimble MaxxPro Dash to handle, Navistar Defense put together an elite team of engineers to find a solution.


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