Field & OEM Services

Bringing our expertise to you

We build military vehicles that are ready to go where the mission is. So we train our field service representatives to do the same. From the home front to forward operating bases, our service reps bring the latest repair and maintenance skills where they’re needed most.

OEM and ASE certified technicians worldwide

Our existing manufacturing lines allow vehicles to be produced in as little as two months.

Navistar Defense currently deploys OEM & ASE certified field service representatives all over the world to provide:

  • Basic vehicle maintenance
  • Preventative checks and service
  • Battle damage assessment and repair
  • Component overhaul management
  • Advanced systems diagnostics
  • Operator and maintenance new equipment training

Our field service reps become part of the team

Our field service reps become part of the units they serve, remaining with them for the duration of their deployments to ensure that their vehicles are always ready to help them fulfill their mission.

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