Engineering Improvements

Our fleet management experience allows us to reset vehicles quickly and efficiently.

Navistar Defense leverages our engineering team devoted to the support and improvements to our existing vehicles.

Our engineering development process is set up to design, test, produce and expedite deployment of vehicle improvements.


A new engine can increase power and efficiency of the vehicles in your fleet.

A replacement engine can provide military vehicles with new life and increased power, lengthening their service and lowering long-term cost.

Another option for returning older vehicles to service is our ReNEWed line of remanufactured engines and systems. These reliable, cost-effective replacements can often outperform the original, because they incorporate many new components that meet or exceed initial performance standards.

  • Every part is cleaned and inspected
  • All high-wear and damaged components are replaced
  • ReNEWed engines come with new 2nd generation blocks, new heads, new camshafts and all OEM parts
  • All ReNEWed engines are 100% factory-tested to ensure leak-free performance

Reset and Modernization Solutions.

Navistar® Defense is refurbishing and upgrading MaxxPros to like-new combat ready condition. Battle-damaged MRAPs are completely restored using proven OEM components and fitted with important safety and performance upgrades to extend lifecycle and provide long-term value. The newly-reset MaxxPros are ready for service in Afghanistan or wherever they are needed on their next mission.


Repairing and Upgrading MaxxPros for the Next Mission.

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Adding the latest technologies to older vehicles can extend the life of your fleet.

Remanufacturing engines can extend the life of vehicles and return them to prime operating efficiency.

Navistar Defense’s advanced form of recycling in partnership with Caterpillar, returns end-of-life components to same-as-new condition.

Innovation and Modernization

Navistar Defense is committed to deliver vehicle innovation and modernization to meet the missions of the future. We have developed and installed more than 50 major upgrades to the MaxxPro fleet since launch to improve safety and performance.





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Fleet Life Spec Sheet

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Military Spares Catalogue

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The MaxxPro® Wrecker

The MaxxPro® MRAP Wrecker was the Army’s fastest procured joint urgent operational need (JUON) since WWII.

With the first vehicle rolling off the production line just 19 days after the contract award, the Wrecker helped save the lives of two soldiers who took an IED explosion in the field only two weeks after delivery.

Our Partnerships

Navistar Defense works with a tried and true supplier network and values our partner relationships.

Navistar Defense has been working with many of its key suppliers for many years. We demand high standards and accountability to ensure we have partners that will be there when we need them.

Success Story:

Doing whatever it takes to keep you rolling.

Navistar Defense doesn't just build better vehicles. We build better customer relationships - because we hold ourselves accountable for keeping you mission ready.


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